Foreign Exchange Calculator Background

The idea for this project has grown from an interest in trading on the forex market. My particular interest is that of spreadbetting on the market movements caused by news announcements. This involves settings orders to buy or sell opposing currencies depending on the way that the news announcements move the market, and how far they move the market.

Foreign Exchange Spread Betting Calculator

This project uses encapsulation to provide security and a consistent user experience, in that if certain actions are taken, the same consequence will always occur. This is one of the key aspects of development in my opinion, and one I always strive to adhere to.


I have started a number of projects to put to use the knowledge I have gained studying C#. I aim to write the best quality code, to the proper standards and as elegantly as possible. Through them i have concreted my knowledge of OO concepts, methodology and of C# itself. The projects are works in progress and the code shown is samples.

My Projects include the following:

Forex Calculator
Foreign Exchange spread betting order level calculator.