About Chris Dugdale

Photo of Chris Dugdale I’m an enthusiastic technologist with a passion for software development, mobile technology and creating things. I am seeking new challenges with a new career as a developer, and am eager to learn different languages and techniques.

I am very keen to move into the world of software development. I am a certified Microsoft Technical Associate for Windows Development, Web Development and Software Development Fundamentals. Additionally, I have a degree in Computing and Information Systems, in which I focused on the software development life cycle, databases and user interfaces. I am also studying towards an MCTS qualification to update my certifications further.

To improve my development skills and reinforce the techniques I have been learning, I have started to work on a number of projects. I am really enjoying putting my knowledge to good use and and they are teaching me new things every time I add a new feature that I have thought of.

You can find out more about me in the following ways:

View my CV on line as a PDF, or download it as a MS Word document.

Drop me an email: contactme@chrisdugdale.net

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